Top tips for executing a smooth SALE set-up

It's Christmas. Which, for retailers, means long hours, no sleep, finishing the day off feeling like you've ran 10km and drinking buckets loads of coffee and energy drinks everyday! By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, the last thing any retailer feels like doing is staying in their store until midnight, setting up their Boxing Day sale. 

We have put together our top tips on how to prepare and execute a successful sale setup so that you can finish early and spend Christmas Eve kicking back with a glass of wine or a beer with your family and friends.

1. Prepare your floor plan. Draw a floor plan and highlight exactly where everything is going to be setup in the store. This way, you will know where your 70%, 50% or 30% racks and tables are, along with your full price racks.

2. Organise your roster. Ensure that you have an experienced and capable team rostered on who will help you get the job done! If you have a stock or VM guru, roster them on early and they can start preparing the backroom stock while the store is still trading.

3. Check your marketing collateral. Double check a week in advance that you have all your markdown stickers, decals, posters, perspex and all of the tools that you need to set them up! If you are missing anything- order what you need in from your head office.

4. Set-up your back room. If you have the markdown list in advance, you can rearrange your backroom into sale so that your markdowns and full priced stock are separated. You will hopefully be selling through your markdowns quickly so make sure that they are in an accessible and easy to reach spot.

5. Organise your excess stock. A tidy and organised store is easier to set-up for sale than a disorganised, chaotic one. Ensure that all of your replenishment is out on the floor and the excess stock is ordered and easy to access.

6. Prepare your sale team. Have meeting the day before or set up a team chat and go over exactly what the plan of attack is for the setup. That way, as soon as the doors close or you get given the green light to start the setup, everyone knows exactly what to do and what their dedicated tasks are.

7. Set an expected timeline in place. By having a deadline to work towards of when the sale set up should be completed by, your team will work effectively and efficiently to reach it.

Finally, don't leave anything to do on Boxing Day morning! Although you may have good intentions, chances are that you will relax, wind down and over indulge on Christmas Day and the last thing you will feel like doing is heading into the store early.

Good luck!