Top X5 resume writing tips to help you land your dream job

Job hunting is tough. It begins right at the point where you submit your resume and then leave your fate in the hands of a stranger.... your resume is in a pile of what can be hundreds of others - so how do you make sure that your resume stands out? 

There are several ways in which you can make sure that your CV makes across the first screening test:

1. Make sure your contact details are there- don't laugh! You will be surprised at the number of people who neglect to put in a contact phone number or email address...

2. Start with your employment history. Leave the warm fuzzies until the end. It's great that in your spare time, you like to play golf or tennis, but the main thing an employer is looking for is the relevant experience for the role.

3. Run a spell check across your resume and get someone to double check the grammar. There is nothing worse than someone who highlights that "attention to detail" is their strong point, yet they have spelling mistakes through their resume.

4. Work backwards from your most recent position. This is because your most recent position is likely to be your most senior and therefore relevant position for the role you are applying for.

5. Include the dates of your roles in your resume, for example; June 210 - December 2015

6. Unless you have a professional head-shot of yourself, don't include a photo on your resume. A bad photo or a selfie can do you more harm than good by deterring the reader of your resume away from your relevant work experience and skills. 

7. You have a few seconds to make your resume stand out to the person screening it, so be sure to put your job titles in bold

8. Try and sick to 2-3 pages. There is no need for a cover page!

9. In each role, highlight your key responsibilities and your best achievements

10. Tailor your resume to the job that you are applying for. Yes it takes time, but if you are serious about the role, then make sure you highlight that you have the experience they are looking for!

Good luck!

Rachel Wilson