How to prepare for your job interview

You've passed the first part of the recruitment screening process and you have a job interview lined up. You're almost there! Just one step away from landing your dream job. The way you conduct your job interview can make or break the prospective employers decision and you have one chance to nail it - which is why we have put together our top tips for how you can ace your interview and proceed to the final step of the process.

1. Ask your recruiter or the hiring manager for a job description

Knowing exactly what you're applying for is a great place to start your interview preparation. Ask for a copy of the job description, or for a detailed overview on the key points of the job. Read over it carefully and ensure that you understand all aspects of the role. 

2. Prepare examples

After you have had a good read over the job description, look at each section and prepare an example in a previous role where you have done those tasks or duties before. If it is a management role, think about your people management experience; when have you hired, inducted, developed or trained, performance managed or terminated someone? Consider the situation, how you handled it and what the outcome was. If you are applying for a sales role, think about your biggest achievements, did you win any awards? Ensure that you know the statistics around your sales figures. For example, you took a retail store that was down 22% on last year to 22% up on last year, or had the best average dollar in the company and so on.

3. Research the company

This is very important. If you want the job, you need to know all about the company to which you are applying for! Read over their website, head into the store or branch and get a feel for their culture and product. If you are applying for a retail management role, there is a likely chance the hiring manager will ask you if you have been into one of their stores lately and ask you for your opinion. They may even ask you what you would improve should you get the job. No matter what role you apply for, they will ask you why you want to work for the company and what appeals to you about the brand. By researching the company, you will have a considered and thoughtful answer prepared to these questions.

4. Plan your interview outfit

First impressions go a long way in job interviews. If you arrive at the interview and you look "on brand" or like a brand ambassador already, you have just ticked the first box on the employment checklist. You want to dress to reflect the company's brand and culture. If the hiring manager can see you fitting in with the brand and team then they are already mentally imagining you in the role. For example, if you are applying for a fashion brand, study how they style their outfits on their website and dress in a similar manner. If you are applying for a sports or outdoor lifestyle brand, you may want to dress smart casual as opposed to wearing a suit or formal attire, and if you are applying to a corporate firm, you want to wear a suit or very formal work attire.

5. Look up the location address and travel time

You don't want to be late! Spend ten minutes the night before, looking up the address of where you are going and planning your travel route. You will want to arrive to the location early so that you can turn up to the interview exactly at the designated time.

Hopefully these tips will help you to prepare for the interview. Remember, nerves are natural - and a good thing! It shows that you really want the job! However, if you are well prepared then you should relax once the interview is underway.

Rachel x