Conducting a professional Skype interview

Having an interview via Skype is increasingly common in today’s recruitment world. The Internet has made it possible for hiring managers to conduct their first round of interviews via Skype or Facetime, before they conduct the final round in person. Here at Frame, we conduct Skype interviews everyday and there are definitely some do’s and don’ts on how to conduct a successful Skype interview.

  1. Make sure you have a good Internet connection!

  2. Set your camera up in a quiet room, with no family, kids, animals or flatmates in the background or noise to distract you.

  3. Practice first. Skype a friend or a family member, check that the angle of the camera is correct - and it’s not on a weird angle! There is nothing worse than interviewing someone and their head is cut off or you are looking at their chin.

  4. If you are Skyping from a phone, make sure it is still and leaning up against something. Don’t hold onto the phone- it will move around and be shaky, distracting your interviewer.

  5. If you are in a noisy space, wear headphones!

  6. Dress and prepare for the interview as if you are meeting your interviewer in person. Camera’s are so clear these days that it will be easy to spot if your hair, makeup or appearance is not polished.

  7. Be mindful that your body language is not easy to see via Skype, so be sure to smile a lot and maintain eye contact with your Interviewer.

Finally, relax and try to be yourself! Good luck!

Rachel x