5 minutes with professional stylist, Jessica Amor from Alchemy Styling

‘Alchemy’: a seemingly magical process of creation, combination and transformation.

Given Christchurch business owner and professional stylist, Jessica Amor’s magic ability to combine lovely things together in aesthetically pleasing ways to create & transform, the name ‘Alchemy Styling’ is the perfect name for her brand.

After launching in November 2018, Jessica has carved a name for herself in the industry as a talented commercial stylist, with her handiwork evident in the monthly Style Magazine fashion editorials. Her keen eye for detail, combined with her creative mind and ability to conjure up unique concepts has the final photos jumping off the page and into the imagination of readers across the city.

Luckily for us women, Alchemy Styling offer customised personal styling sessions, including; decluttering the existing wardrobe, shopping for new looks, putting great outfits together and piecing together a bit of a capsule wardrobe from a mixture of old and new.

We caught up with Jessica to find out a little bit more about what she did before Alchemy Styling was born and what inspired her to launch her own business. Here’s what she had to say;

Tell me a bit about your career in fashion to date

I started in retail in a ‘cool’ women’s fashion store (WildPair) straight out of high school. Drawn in by the allure of staff discounts and new clothes, I found that I was really good at it and I loved it! After a very brief stint at uni, I called it quits and went back into retail. I’ve worked for some amazing companies over a period of twelve years. In between various roles, I also ran an event styling business with my Mum. Whilst not exactly being in ‘fashion’, it really opened up my creative side and gave me some experience in self-employment. I also took on personal styling clients on the side around the same time as decorating events. Before starting Alchemy Styling I worked for local designer Debbie Lawson at Devàl for two years. I managed the Tannery Emporium site attached to the Devàl / Black Design workroom and therefore was able to work with the designer everyday. I became involved with the design, sourcing & manufacturing process as well as my day to day role styling clients. It really solidified my love for NZ made garments and the NZ Fashion industry.

What inspired you to set your own company up?

In all honesty, there wasn’t any role I could find that I could see myself doing (and being happy doing) at the time. After finding myself tiring of retail (12 years was a pretty good stint), I decided it was time to get in touch with my creative self once again. None of the roles popping up appealed at the time and so I created Alchemy Styling. I also want to be able to offer good paying work to some of my fellow stylists in the industry as I know of so much talent who are not getting the payment/ recognition that they deserve. By creating a company, I hope to be able to include more creatives under the umbrella of Alchemy Styling in the future.

What's been your biggest achievement with Alchemy Styling to date?

Contributing to local print publication STYLE magazine since January of this year. I love being able to create a different editorial each month and work with like minded creatives on each shoot. I’m lucky enough to be given a lot of creative freedom my the Star Media team. Something I am very very appreciative of.

What's coming up for you?

A website (finally), spending more time on the personal styling side of the business and (fingers crossed) a couple of new commercial contracts that I’ve been working on.

Finally, what key piece in your wardrobe do you thrash?

My Devàl Black leather / shearling jacket. It is so warm, effortlessly cool & handmade with love in Christchurch by one of the amazing Black Design machinists, Colleen.

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