Resignation etiquette

Resigning is never easy! Just the thought of handing in your notice is enough to bring on cold sweats and a near panic attack. So, what can you do to make the dreaded moment run smoothly?

Handing in your notice either in person, or over the phone is the first step in the resignation process. If you work remotely, organise a time to give your employer a call, or if you work in the same office as your boss, book in a time to meet with them in person.

When you get an audience with your boss, pull off the band-aid! Let them know about the opportunity and why you are leaving your current position. At this point, be prepared for your boss to counter offer and try to get you to stay! Be strong and stick to your decision. Remember, you made your decision for a reason.

While working out your notice period, make sure you give it 100% percent and remain committed to the role and the company. Do whatever you can to help with the handover and training of your replacement. This is important on so many levels; you protect your personal brand, will get a positive reference check in the future and may cross paths with your previous boss again in the future when job hunting!

Good luck!!!

insightsRachel Wilson