Career pathways in fashion retail

Have you recently graduated with a fashion degree? Are you considering your employment options right now? Well, you’ve probably discovered that in New Zealand, the workroom and design assistant roles are few and far between. So, what are your alternative options to still stay working within the industry you love?! Let’s take a look at the retail opportunities and where they can lead your career;

  • Full-time sales assistant

  • Assistant manager

  • In-store visual merchandiser

And, you have the options of working in fast fashion for an international brand, or for a local NZ designer label. We recommend applying for a NZ label or designer. In these roles, you will be working with a product you are passionate about, will be exposed to the designer and will be the first to hear of any workroom roles that pop up!

Perhaps you will surprise yourself and enjoy working in the store. Retail is a rewarding and challenging career. If you start out as an assistant manager, you can work towards a store manager role, area or cluster manager, regional manager, national manager and then general manager! Salaries for a national or general manager are upwards of 100k and are responsible for managing large teams.

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