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How to retain candidates before they have even started

Are you losing candidates between their acceptance of your offer and the start date?

I have recently been recruiting for a store that opens in 8 weeks time. I was inundated with exceptional candidates who were ideal for the role, and I moved quickly to interview them and move them through the process. I managed to make an offer within 3 weeks, 5 weeks out from the start date, however, the challenge lies ahead as we will have to work hard to keep the excited, motivated and looking forward to their new role.

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Top tips on how to LAUNCH your business.

Have you been planning your business idea for a long time? Do you feel like there is always “just one more thing” that you need to do before you launch it?! Then this blog post is for you! Frame Retail’s director, Rachel Smart, has launched two successful companies in 18 months. In this post, she gives her top tips and advice for getting your business up and running and making it happen!

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